About Us

I am a sixth-generation farmer, farming in the Karoo (Khoikhoi word for desert) within the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa. I farm with Dorper sheep, one of their finest characteristics being their skins which are regarded among the best in the world.

I always loved leather and want to showcase what you can do with Dorper skin. I also use a variety of quality leather that I source from reputable tanneries and hardware from local manufacturers, purchasing the best quality available because only the best will do.

All of my leather articles are handmade and hand stitched from start to finish. No machines are used and I concentrate on durability, style and simplicity. It takes time to create quality articles, and I can ensure that you will be buying an heirloom for future generations to use and enjoy.

Where does the name Slater & Dutch come from?

Slater derives from my ancestors who arrived in Port Elizabeth in 1820, from England. They arrived on a ship that was called the Aurora.
Dutch is derived from the other half of my heritage.